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Before temps plunge, be sure to protect your pipes

Before temperatures plunge below zero this week, make sure your pipes are protected! Here are some simple steps you can take right now to help keep your pipes from freezing:
  • Double-check outdoor spigots to make sure all hoses are disconnected and the spigots are turned off and drained
  • Insulate pipes in unheated areas like crawl spaces, unheated garages, and attics
  • Leave some heat on in unused areas of your home
  • If you go out of town for a few days, keep your thermostat on at least 55 degrees and open any cabinets where sink plumbing is against an outside wall
  • If youíre leaving town for the winter, have your home and pipes professionally winterized
Itís always a good idea to find the master shut off valve that turns the off water to your entire home Ė itís usually in the basement Ė and make sure everyone in the family knows where it is in case a pipe does freeze and burst.†If you know that a home in your neighborhood is vacant, keep an eye out for water leaking from under doors, or frost building up on the insides of windows.

In the event you do experience water damage as a result of a burst pipe, FGS Restoration is here to help. Contact our 24/7 emergency line: 1-800-318-3473
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