FGS The Restoration Company | est. 1988 Residential and Commercial Restorations,   Construction Services, Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup, 24-hour Emergency Services and Emergency Planning in South-Central Wisconsin

FGS The Restoration Company, established in 1988, works with insurance companies and policyholders to restore homes and businesses after damages caused by fire, smoke, water, wind, hail, vehicle impact and vandalism. We also perform construction services, trauma and crime scene cleanup and 24-hour emergency services, and we offer emergency planning. We’re based in Madison, Wisconsin – our territory expands throughout Dane County and into surrounding counties, and we occasionally work outside these areas. We have a growing, in-house staff of project managers, carpenters, drywallers, cleaners and painters who provide detailed estimates and timely repairs. We measure our success by how quickly we can re-establish a person’s daily routine, with quality craftsmanship, the most advanced restoration equipment and decades of experience, while facilitating transparent communication among all parties.


Madison Headquarters                                24-hour Emergency Line
2210 S. Beltline Court, Madison, WI 53713         1-800-318-3473                     608-258-2094

                         Open Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Stay aware during National

Electrical Safety Month in May!

Download safety tips from the National Fire Protection Association:

Electrical safety: Flipping a light switch. Plugging in a coffeemaker. Charging a laptop. These are second nature for us. Electricity makes our lives easier. However, we need to be cautious and keep safety in mind.

Outdoor electrical safety: Lighting to improve the appearance and safety of your home, electrical tools to make outdoor work easier and power lines to your home all need to be handled with care.

Clothes dryer safety: Doing laundry is likely part of your weekly routine. Do you know how important taking care of your clothes dryer is to the safety of your home? With a few simple safety tips, you can help prevent a clothes dryer fire.

Microwave oven safety: People rely on microwave ovens as a quick way to defrost dinner, heat up leftovers and warm up drinks. While the convenience of microwave ovens is something we might take for granted, safety should not be.

CFL light bulb safety: Energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are becoming more common in homes and workplaces. In addition to using less electricity, they have a positive impact on the environment. But there are important safety tips you should know about CFLs.

Nine-volt battery safety: Nine-volt batteries power smoke alarms, household items and toys for children. These batteries can be a fire hazard if they’re not properly stored or disposed of with care.


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